NF - Clipper for Stroke Limitation of FM-Transmitters

The low frequency clipper is designed for the stroke limitation of FM-transmitters. By implementing a 12,5 kHz raster with radio equipment developed and built for a 25 kHz raster, the peak gain is often too high. Peak gain is limited by clipping the low frequency signal followed by rampant-edge filtering. Thus, the average audio gain can be raised while the peak gain is limited.

Input and output impedance 600 Ohm

Entrance level 0 dBm (adjustable)

Notch filter for 1750 Hz

Low pass filter - 3dB 3,8 kHz / - 60dB 4,2 kHz

Output level 0 dBm (adjustable)

Second output - 20dBm

With input stroke > 5 kHz, back regulation of the output level

No longer available