Since June, 13th 2012 the 630m band from 472 to 479 kHz has been released in DL for amateur radio service. Therefore a transverter was developed for this frequency-range. The allowed effective radiation power is 1 Watt.
Please note: with most used antennas you will have to produce at least 1 kW HF, to get 1 Watt radiated !
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Specifications (preliminary)

Noise figure about 6 dB, input-/output-gain about 18 dB

Outputperformance: about 400 mW (1dB comp.)

Output circuit with FET

Controlperformance at 10 MHz max. 500mW (level adjustable)

For ICOM-Tranceiver a 20dB amplifier may be linked up (ICOM 20... 200µW!)

Between frequency: 10 - 10,5 MHz; 10474 kHz match 474 kHz (also for 136 kHz with limited data usable)

Input- and output have coupled low-pass-filters at 480 kHz

Between frequency with 10 MHz bandfilter

Heated 10 MHz quartz oscillator or alternativly external 10 MHz Input (Level 0...+10dBm)

Built-in input- and output-relays or alternativly direct connectors for in- and output useable

all sockets SMB, DC-connectors with through-capacitors

Powersupply 12 V DC


No longer available

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