10 Watt Mediumwave Power Amplifier for 480 kHz

Our 10 Watt Mediumwave PA can be used either "stand alone" or as driver for bigger PA's.
The supply voltage is 12 .... 15V DC, but can be set internally from 7,5V up to the max. supply voltage.
By this means you have the opportunity to limit the output performance, due to not override a following PA.



Output max. 10W HF

The PA works in B-mode

Gain depending on powersupply set: 24...26 dB

Built-in 3 pole low-pass-filter

Housing dimensions : 111 x 55,5 x 30 mm

Built on an aluminium plate, which for continuous operation should be mounted on an additional heatsink

efficiency about 50%

Connector sockets : SMA

Built-in reverse polarity protection

PA switch on with +12V about 5mA

PA current consumption depending on control input: max 2 A

Price completely constructed : 225,-- Euro

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