Due to multiple requests the mediumwave-transverter was modified for longwave, by changing the dimensions of the input- and output-filters. Because of that, all the other data stay identical.


Frequenyrange: 130 - 140 kHz

Noisefigure about 6 dB

Input/Output gain about 18 dB

control performance at 10 MHz max. 500mW

Between frequency: 10 - 10,5 MHz; 10136 kHz match 136 kHz

Input- and output-coupled low-pass-filters at 150 kHz

Between frequency with 10 MHz bandfilter

Heated 10 MHz quartz oscillator or alternativly external 10 MHz Input (Level 0...+10dBm)

Built-in input- and output-relays or alternativly direct connectors for in- and output useable

all sockets SMB, DC-connectors with through-capacitors

Powersupply 12 V DC (11 ... 13,8 V)


No longer available !